What’s the news, Mary-Jane…

pEd’s unable to update the ‘news’ bit of the site for a couple of days, so since I’m (yes, you’ve guessed it) working late at the library, I’ll fill all those of you who are interested in on the gossip…br /br /(if you’ve stumbled on this and are expecting something salacious, you may be disappointed… errm… tits)br /br /We played in Rotherham the other day at Mr. Dave Shotgun’s charity gig, and a great time was had by all. I won a prize in the raffle, and got to sing on two Dylan tunes… now if that’s not a testament to a great night, I really don’t know what is. A substantial amount of money was raised for MIND, and we’ve heard a little rumour about a bootleg of the show being released to raise even more cash – therefore, two Pisco live tracks from the night might soon be available, alongside stuff by Axis Dynied, Tommy Binks and the Alcoholics, Taste of Shotgun, and much much more. We’ll keep you posted on this one.br /br /We’re playing at the Casbah for the second time ever tomorrow which should be a blast (nice little venue, The Casbah – good vibes and nice beer) and then off to Leeds next week. Let out of Sheffield!! Crikey!! Come along to both/either… we’ll get the gigs page updated soon so you can plan your holidays around when we’re playing (we have to, after all).br /br /Finally… the second EP… we’ve sorted the place (Newcastle this time), and the whole team is back together (us lot, Jim and Richard – a perfectly balanced group with a staggering capacity for red wine). We’re still deciding on the shortlist of songs, but I’m pretty confident that ‘Clutching’, ‘Canch’, ‘Empire’ and ‘Idiot’ will definitely be on there, which pleases us immensely. Quite frankly, I’m hopelessly excited about it – especially as Ed’s driving me up there, which means I can get battered on the way!!br /br /Oh… and finally, finally, ‘Where The Days Went’ is back in stock at a href=”http://www.thelaundrette.co.uk/”The Laundrette/a, so pop along and get a copy if you haven’t already.br /br /Petebr /br /PS – Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy… the dog’s bollocks. Read ‘em!!br //p

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