‘The Scene’ – A Mystery Story

pI’ve been informed recently about ‘The Scene’.br /br /Apparently, ‘The Scene’ is happening right now. It could be happening next door, it could be happening in that club across the road. It could even be happening in your right shoe. It is ‘The Scene’.br /br /It would seem that only those in ‘The Scene’ can trace its mystery, and track its strange and majestic movements. It swoops down on those worthy of being a part of ‘The Scene’, bestowing them with a vaulted and awesome position, whether they be musicians, writers, promoters, whatever – the lucky few become the protectors and instruments of ‘The Scene’, expanding its beneficence, keeping it not only alive, but thriving and growing.br /br /Others can embrace ‘The Scene’ of course… of course!! ‘The Scene’ is liberal, open minded, open hearted, a rounded ‘Scene’. Just follow the right bands, go to the right nights, do the right things. Talk to others not for your own benefit, but for that of ‘The Scene’. Think not of what ‘The Scene’ can do for you, but what you can do for ‘The Scene’. Embrace ‘The Scene’. It is your friend.br /br /And at those strange times that you are finding yourself enjoying something that has not been taken into ‘The Scenes’ loving arms – a band who flaunt their filthy, unusual, unfamiliar influences, a club night that refuses to conform, even (God forbid) stopping in on a night, watching crappy telly, reading a book, not even physically approaching ‘The Scene’ – stop yourself. Think to yourself… “is this all that I can do for ‘the Scene’?”br /br /Pisco Sour Hour has stared in the face of ‘The Scene’. We have seen it, and faced it, and then fucked off down to the oldest, old man’s pub and played dominos whilst wearing cardigans, leaving ‘The Scene’ to continue on with its Machiavellian ways. And we had pie and peas, and listened to Scott Joplin and classic disco. And we were happy.br /br /Pete/p

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