The Internet Encourages Stupidty… again…

pRight… check this…br /br /a href=”,,1554347,00.html”A News Story About a Stupid Fucking Idea/abr /br /Ok… there’s an institution that already does this. You don’t have to send the books through the post, or wait for them to arrive through the letter box (or, more likely, get one of those cards which mean you have to go to the Post Office at the crack of dawn). You can actually see the book before you decide you want it, flick through it, read a few pages to see if it clicks with you. There are people there – real live people! – who will chat to you, suggest other things, listen to stories about your gammy leg, and how the weather’s turning. And get this… its fucking /br /Your local public library will not charge you a tenner a year. Please support my campaign to find the people responsible for this new “first online cooperative library”, and to take them to their local public library. Watch them crumble, as they realise their super and smashing, Pimms-fueled, arrogant middle-class fucking idea is actually a load of unneccesary bollocks, which only got off the ground ‘cos it involved that panacea of communications media, the Internet. /br /Pete/P

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