On Great Nights…

pbr /Tonight we played at the Grapes with our friends Mothership and Taste Of Shotgun. We’ve always loved playing the Grapes – its the sort of venue that brings the best out of us, a sweaty little room that seems full regardless of how many folks are there. However, tonight seemed really special…br /br /OK – I won’t beat around the bush. It’s probably the best gig we have ever played. We really worked hard to get ready for it, practicing a lot, thinking about the kind of set we wanted to play, and considering how we would present ourselves and all that bollocks. However, what’s more important is that the atmposhphere was superb, with all three bands supporting each other and being appreciative of what each other does. The crowd were up for a good night, and seemed to realise that the best way to have a good time, is to simply have a good time! There were new friends, old friends, and friends we still haven’t made yet, but they were all there, and EVERYBODY there helped to make the night fantastic. Big up to Ash the soundman too – top chap and superb at what he does.br /br /Anyway, there’s no Pete philosphy here – just a testiment to a fantastic night. Libby has got back home with a copy of the Mothership EP that I already have, and an instruction to me to complete my Taste of Shotgun collection… happy days!br /br /Petebr //p

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