pHe is in a grump. She is grumpy. We all grump /br /sometimes, like ee cumings, we grump in lowercasebr /br /And – pierced to the soul – we on occasion, grump like Emily /br /But we grump, and in our grumping we strive to attain the perfect state of grumpiness, the alpha-grump if you will. We’re not sure what happens at this fabled point, though one grumpy man has speculated that a river of tears will form and take us to Valhalla where we will dine on eggs and muffins, and will be forever, gloriously miserable…br /br /… but he was a grumpy twat, and we have ignored /br /But one thing is unavoidably true – sincere in our grumpiness we continue to explore the depths of our petty sadness, not down enough to be depressed, and not happy enough to be content. Just forever, unavoidably, inexplicably /br /He is in a grump. She is grumpy, and like a bunch of sorry fucking frogs, we all grump /br /Petros Petros Grumpy Bastard/p

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