Financial Management for Monkeys

pIts dead easy – don’t spend all your money, don’t buy that CD, don’t go out, have fun, do the sort of things you anticipated being able to do at the thing of 27. Have a job that pays you toss, and live off job satisfaction, ‘cos that’s all you need isn’t it Pete? A smile on your face, a coat on your back (for as long as the stitching holds), a rumble in your belly, a question-mark over your credit rating. Joy joy joy…br /br /… sorry! Pisco Sour Hour are skint (I think its safe to say we all are), but resolute and driving forward… sorry, strike that… walking forward (for petrol is too expensive to be wasted) and pushing the boundries of what is known as ‘music’, ‘art’, ‘meths’, and ‘public transport’. This is just another in what could well be a recuring sequence of rambles when I’m bored working late at the library (and it has been a dreadful day here…), but here’s a treat. A couple of links to convey upon you, dear reader, the timbre, vibe and general grooviness of two tunes that we are currently boshing away at. They are going to be sweet little numbers, I assure you…br /br /a href=””Strange, strangle, silky smooth groove./abr /br /a href=””… and the ceiling throws me into a spinning screaming rage… disco style/abr /br /Pete/p

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