Binge Living

pI keep waking up in a morning to the sound of people talking about the binge drinking culture on the radio. I usually have a touch of a hangover, /br /Let’s face it, drinking more than is healthy is a popular pastime in this country, but why are we getting so stressed about it? According to the press, it seems that it’s because when Britons get drunk, they get aggressive, unlike our European friends who are all lovely and calm and /br /Oversimplifications R us. But whatever else booze is, it is a truth serum. It doesn’t bring out your dark side or make you do things you wouldn’t dream of doing sober. It brings out the you that is a little way under the surface, and makes you do things you DO dream doing sober, but restrain /br /In other words, if you’re happy and well-adjusted, you’ll be great company when you’re drunk. If you’re angry with your life, your boss or your libido, then you’ll be a horrible embarrassment when you go over the edge. Simple /br /So we can conclude that a major difference between the British and other Europeans is that we British are collectively pissed off. But what about?br /br /Some of my friends reckon that people who like rock music are generally friendlier than people who don’t. Certainly the Corporation always feels very friendly to me compared to other /br /So maybe the cure to the modern British disease is, simply, we need to rock more…/p

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