A sad twist of fate for The Big Easy

pHorrendous happenings in New Orleans. I hear the lovely Mr George W Bush has once again failed to show any leadership at a time of national crisis….br /br /What really bugs me and makes me sad for humanity is this. Hurricanes are a natural phenomenon, sure, but the frequency and strength of extreme weather events is a direct result of global warming (I’ve heard a technical explanation from a meteorologist, but I can’t remember it or explain it). And rivers have always flooded, but man has systematically made matters worse by engineering rivers and drainage so that the land around cities doesn’t act as a sponge, but more like a mill race, squeezing and accelerating the water so that when it comes to town, it comes with a vengance.br /br /So you might think that when a natural phenomenon – that has been made so much worse by human action – becomes a human disaster right there in America, it might be the kind of thing that would wake Mr Bush up to the fact that his ‘find the oil, make the money, f**k the planet’ mentality is coming home to roost.br /br /But where does the disaster hit? Yeah, the home of jazz, the oasis of racial tolerance and radical thinkers, the place where, to quote one eloquent native of New Orleans, ‘the place where the Bible Belt came unbuckled’. So now, instead of being a wake-up call for Mr Bush, he’ll probably turn it in his stunted mind into some Old Testament act of a vengeful God on the infidels, instead of what it really is: an angry growl from Mother Nature against her two-legged tormentors.br /br /I need to see some of these wonderful cities before they all succumb to George’s Apocalpse….br /br /And./p

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