A Pisco Update…

pHello! Bored rigid at work, and so just going to post what we’ve been doing to relive tedium in an effort to drag the minute hand on the clock round and round until it hits that glorious ‘12’, as its counterpart, the short, stubby, slightly greasy hand of the family, that one that you just can’t bring yourself to love even though he’s probably quite clever and nice once you get to know him, that slightly despised and bullied hand who could turn killer in later years due to repressed angsty, spotty rage which has been consuming everything good, and wholesome about him, that hand points to ‘7’. And I go home.br /br /The acoustic gig is the focus of our attention, and we’ve got something quite special brewing at Piscorp Towers – a bluesy ‘My Hero…’, a fearsome ‘The Canch’, the return of an old fave in ‘Cozy Hell’, its looking like it could all happen… or of course, I could do Dylan covers all night. Comment below for your preference.br /br /Also, we’re thrashing out the next EP plans. Hopefully the old team, probably a new venue, and definitely 6ish tunes which are bursting to be recorded. I’m very excited about it already.br /br /Finally, hot off the presses, we’re playing a festival in Rotherham for charity at the request of top Pisco person, Dave Shotgun. Its on the 16th Sept, it’ll be wild, its almost too good to contemplate… but do contemplate it… do it now…br /br /Anyway, Ed’ll probably have a go at me at practice tonight for this fraudulent and selfish use of the blog to distract myself. Ah well… back to staring at that poor twisted brotherhood of arms. I hope that the lads have got the booze in…br /br /Pete/p

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